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Undergraduate Programs

BMB 490/491: Cellular Dynamics

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Cell Biology Undergraduate Research Team
(BMB 490/491)

Image of a student in BMB 490/491


BMB 490 and 491 are designed as a two semester (Fall/Spring) immersive research experience that will be launching in Fall 2020. Each cohort students will form a research team that pursues a defined hypothesis-driven research question in a fast-tracked version of a start-to-finish research project. Participating students will gain a better understanding of how scientific research is conducted, and whether a research-related career path appeals to them. BMB 490 will include training in research ethics, experimental design, mammalian cell culture, experimental approaches in cell and molecular biology, and statistics for biological sciences. Students will conduct and analyze at least 4 different experiments. In BMB 491, students will focus on communicating their research findings. This will include analysis and discussion of scientific literature, a publication-style written article, and a presentation at the Spring Undergraduate Research Exhibition. In addition to building technical skills and a deeper understanding of cell structure and function, this program will promote student-driven discovery, collaboration, and creative thinking, with the hope that each project will result in submission of a small publication with all participating students listed as authors.



Immunofluorescence Showing Cell Adhesions And ActinCytoskeleton



  •  Pre-requisite: BMB/MICRB 251 or BIOL 230
  • Students from any major can apply, but priority will be given to Change-of-Campus students entering their first year at University Park.




Image of a student in BMB 490/491

Academic Planning

  • BMB 490 (3 credits) can be counted as a 400-level BMB/MICRB selection or may be used in place of BMB 445/448.
  • BMB 491 (3 credits) can be counted as a 400-level BMB/MICRB selection. BMB 491 can be used for GWS credit.
  • Many other life sciences majors outside of BMB will also count 490/491 toward degree requirements. If offered a spot in BMB 490 we encourage you to discuss your options with us and with your academic advisor.




Cells with lipid droplets stained red



  • Students will be randomly selected from applicants filling in the below survey.
  • Currently accepting applications for Spring 2023. Apply by October 31st.
  • Weekly schedules will vary depending on the experiments, but Spring 2023 CBURT students must be available to meet Tuesday/Thursday from 9:00 am - 12:00 pm.
Image of a student in BMB 490/491

BMB 490/491


Submit your application to take part in the (2) semester (Fall / Spring) immersive research experience.