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Undergraduate Programs

Engaged Scholarship

There are many opportunities for students to take the knowledge that they learn in their classes and apply it elsewhere.  These opportunities, known as engaged scholarship opportunities, are also a great way to develop other skills needed to be successful in the professional world. Check out some of the engaged scholarship opportunities that our students regularly participate in.  If you have an idea for or participate in a unique engaged scholarship experience, we would love to hear more about it! 

When you learn, teach, when you get, give.
Dr. Mayo Angelou
Image of Learning Assistant helping another student
Become a Learning Assistant

Learning Assistants (LAs) are peers that serve to facilitate collaborative active learning exercises both in class and during out-of-class problem solving sessions.  LAs work as a team with the faculty to help solidify student learning. 

Image of a Teaching Assistant helping students in the lab

Serving as a Teaching Assistant is an excellent way to use the knowledge you have already gained in your classes to get others excited about science and to help teach them foundational scientific principles and techniques.  

Become a Teaching Assistant
Students in the lab
Undergraduate Research

Learn more about the opportunities to do research both in or outside of the department.

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Get involved in a club, meet others with similar interests, learn leadership and networking skills, and apply what you've learned in class to benefit your community.

Student Organizations
Image of students engaging with a alumni
Alumni Mentor Program

Mentors serve as guides to students, answering questions, giving advice, and helping them to learn more about their field of interest and about themselves. 

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Expand your experience beyond the classroom!

Fund Your Experience
Science-U Campers

Become a Science-U Mentor

The Office of Science Outreach hosts camps for elementary, middle, and high school students each summer. Past themes have included Forensic based who-done-it mysteries, Biotechnology mini summer school, physics of toy making, robotics, ecology, and many more.  Current Penn State students can apply to be a Science U mentor, where they will can learn how to teach others about the excitement of scientific discovery, along with other essential skills such as leadership and problem solving.

Learn about how you can get involved in Science-U