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Academic Planning

Multiple Majors

As a student in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, you may participate in programs that result in earning degrees in more than one major (with some exceptions). The majors may be in the same college or in different colleges. Diplomas are awarded for each major.

A concurrent majors program is one in which the requirements for at least two majors are completed concurrently or simultaneously, before graduation. Therefore, the diplomas for each of the majors are awarded at the same graduate time. A sequential majors program is one in which a student graduates and then re-enrolls for at least one more baccalaureate major.

Students must meet all degree and entrance requirements for each of the majors. If one of the concurrent majors being sought is under enrollment control, the student must be enrolled in the college of the major under enrollment control and participate in the regular entrance-to-major process during the pool semester. Requests for a concurrent major or majors can be made in LionPath via "Update Academics," at the earliest, during the entrance-to-major semester, after notification of admission to major. Students should begin the process by consulting with their adviser.

Students who wish to re-enroll for a sequential majors program must meet all entrance and re-enrollment requirements and approvals for the sequential major. A major that is under enrollment control is not available as a sequential major.


Combinations of Majors That Are Not Available

The following combinations are not available as part of the BMB, MICRB, and BIOTC, concurrent majors program:

  • Biology, B.S.
    • General Option
    • Genetics and Developmental Biology Option
    • Neuroscience Option
    • Vertebrate Physiology Option
  • Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, B.S.
    • Biochemistry Option
    • Molecular and Cell Biology Option
  • Biotechnology, B.S.
    • Clinical Laboratory Science Option
    • Biotechnology with General Option
  • Immunology and Infectious Disease, B.S.
  • Microbiology, B.S.
  • Premedicine, B.S.
  • Science B.S.
    • All options