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CSI students process a mock crime scene at Pine Cottage Lab.
The Eberly College of Science
About Forensic Science at Penn State

Offering students advanced, hands-on training in crime laboratory methodologies and crime scene investigation techniques. State-of-the-art crime laboratories and crime scene training facilities are used to teach students the practices or modern forensics.

Forensic Science Grad Students, Class of 2018
Career Paths for Forensic Science Students

With a Penn State Forensic Science degree, you are prepared for jobs in the lab or in the field across a wide variety of disciplines - or to pursue a higher degree. See what kinds of jobs and degrees our students get and where they go after graduating from our program.

Spruce Cottage and Pine Cottage, our Crime Scene Investigation laboratories
Forensic student prepares DNA samples for PCR.
Forensic Degrees - Biology Option

Explore the Biology option. Discover forensic applications of biology, microbiology, serology, biochemistry, and molecular biology. Learn about the forensic analysis of biological materials with particular emphasis on forensic DNA.

Forensic student adds reagent to a sample with a pipet.

Explore the Chemistry option. Discover forensic applications of analytical, physical, and inorganic chemistry. Learn about the forensic analysis of controlled substances, trace evidence, fire debris, ignitable liquids, and firearms and gunshot residue.

Forensic Degrees - Chemistry Option


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