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The Department of BMB is at the forefront of addressing complex global energy challenges by investigating fundamental process of biological energy conversion. Faculty are engaged in cutting edge research that involves the biochemistry and biophysics of photosynthesis, the generation of biohybrid designs using naturally-occurring photosystems, the biosynthesis and degradation of cellulose, and the synthesis and deconstruction of the plant cell wall. A wide array of interdisciplinary strategies are involved in carrying out the research, including cell biology, enzymology, spectroscopy, physical biochemistry and structural biology.


Donald Bryant

  • Genomics, structural and functional relationships, metabolism, physiology and ecology of chlorophototrophic bacteria.

James Ferry

  • The study the enzymology and molecular biology of anaerobic microbes from the Archaea domain.

John Golbeck

  • Biophysical studies of electron transfer mechanisms in photosynthetic prokaryotes

Ying Gu

  • The utilization of biochemical, molecular genetics, and spectroscopic approaches to decipher mechanisms of cellulose biosynthesis.

Carsten Krebs

  • The elucidation of the reaction mechanisms by which mono- and dinuclear non-heme-iron enzymes activate dioxygen (O2) for a wide variety of oxidative transformations.

Ming Tien