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BMMB Graduate Program
Meet our Students

The Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (BMB) Department is fortunate to have a multitude of graduate students within its Biochemistry, Microbiology and Molecular Biology (BMMB) Program dedicated to developing their research and teaching skills.  Our students are making discoveries and generating independent knowledge through their research within our labs.  Read more about our outstanding students below.

Meet our Graduate Students

Image of Mac Meyer holding up a trout that he recently caught while fly fishing

Mac's research investigate RNA structure in liquid-liquid phase separations, trying to understand the origins of life, as well as develop high-throughput assays for RNA enzyme (ribozyme) discovery and validation.  

“While my work may seem esoteric, understanding what happens to RNAs inside of phase separations is integral to understanding extant biology, we are just beginning to understand why and how often organisms take advantage of membraneless organelles.” - Mac Meyer

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Image of Manyu Du

Manyu's research is focused on the mechanistic dissection of long-distance chromosomal interactions that regulate gene expression.

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Image of Latisha Franklin

Lastisha’s research uses C. elegans, microscopic worms, as a model organism to study muscle dysfunction associated with the human disease adenylosuccinate lyase deficiency (ASLD).  

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Image of Xiaoran Xin

Xiaoran’s research utilizes biochemical, molecular genetics, and spectroscopic approaches to investigate how plants make cellulose and seeks to provide the scientific foundations for advancements in sustainable energy.

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