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The Eberly College of Science

Forensic Science Research

World Class Research in Forensic Science

Areas in which our students and faculty conduct research include:

  • Bloodstain pattern analysis
  • Crime scene investigation and reconstruction
  • Chromatography and spectroscopy
  • Controlled substances identification
  • DNA - genomic, mitochondrial, damaged, and historical identification
  • Explosives
  • Fire debris
  • Firearms, ballistics, and ricochet analysis
  • Forensic biology/serology
  • Impression evidence
  • Toxicology
  • Trace evidence

Check out the links below to see research conducted by our students and faculty, as well as the instruments and lab spaces available for research use.

If you are interested in research, contact a faculty member in your research area of interest about qualifications and next steps to get involved.

Forensic student uses a microscope to examine hair evidence.

Forensic Research


Cutting-edge research happens at all levels of our program. Undergrads, grads, and faculty conduct world-class research across a broad spectrum of forensic science topics and disciplines.