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BMMB Graduate Program

Interdisciplinary and Flexible Training

Earn a Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Microbiology and Molecular Biology (BMMB) researching alongside 53 faculty and more than 75 graduate students in areas from the structures of biological molecules and their mechanisms to the development of multicellular organisms.

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BMMB Presents:

Investigations into Cellulose Microfibril Structure and Synthesis using Cryo-electron Tomography

Mark Frank

Adviser: Dr. Tracy Nixon
Thursday, April 1st @ 12:05 PM


Meet Our Students

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Meet James Lee

James’ research within the laboratory is focused on the molecular mechanism, and understanding, of how transcriptional hotspots are formed in the yeast nucleus.


Image of James lee

Meet Stephanie Collins

Stephanie’s research focuses on how the gut microbiome influences the detoxification and removal of pharmaceuticals, environmental toxicants, and other chemicals from the body.

Image of Stephanie Collins

Meet Oluwasegun Akinniyi

Oluwasegun’s research focuses on the deadenylase activity of the Ccr4 subunit of the multisubunit protein complex on mRNA.

Images from left to right: Oluwasegun in traditional Nigerian clothing.  Oluwasegun taking a photo at the bull on Wall Street in New York
BMMB Graduate Program

BMMB students make scientific contributions under the mentorship of vibrant and diverse faculty whose research expertise provides students with an engaging collaborative and interdisciplinary experience.

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