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Undergraduate Programs

Other Research Opportunities

Many BMB, BIOTC, and MICRB students will engage in research in faculty labs from other departments.  Often, students find these opportunities by talking to professors in their courses, or by looking at faculty web pages and reaching out directly to those individuals whose research interests overlap with the student’s interests.  


A limited number of BMB 496 (Independent Research) credits can count towards the BMB, MICRB, or BIOTC degree requirements.  If, however, a student earns 400-level research credits in another department, and that research uses biochemical, microbiological, or molecular biology approaches to answer of questions of biological significance, then students can petition to count those credits towards their degree requirements.  If approved, the non-BMB research credits will count in the same category where BMB 496 or BMB 488 would normally count. Students can fill out a request to have their research experience evaluated here.


Summer Research Programs Outside of BMB