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Diversity Initiatives

Hispanic Heritage Month

Throughout the month, we will be featuring our college’s Latinx community as part of an initiative led by our Climate and Diversity Committee, which aims to inform and inspire others by shining a light on these individuals’ experiences, their accomplishments, and their motivations for pursuing careers in science.

We will also be hosting an undergraduate research poster exhibition on Wednesday, October 11, from 5 to 7 p.m. (more details below).

Additionally, there will be events throughout the month at University Park, organized by the Hispanic Heritage Month planning committee, with the theme “Nuestra Comunidad Latina*: Celebrating a Thriving Community”

We are proud to cosponsor the month’s keynote event, to be held Thursday, September 28, at 6 p.m., featuring Anthony Orozco. A WITF multimedia journalist, Antony will share his experiences as a Latina/o community reporter in Central Pennsylvania and will discuss the importance of community building.

Please join us in honoring and celebrating the historic background, culture, heritage, and many influences of the Hispanic community here at Eberly, Penn State, and beyond!

Sept. 28: Keynote speaker, Anthony Orozco

"Journalism for Our Communities: Reporting on Latina/o Pennsylvania"

Pattern design for the 2023 Hispanic Heritage Month.

Oct 11: Undergraduate Research Poster Exhibition

Prizes | Celebration | Networking

Two students at the Undergraduate Research Poster Exhibition.

Penn State campus events celebrate, honor National Hispanic Heritage Month

Themed 'Nuestra Comunidad Latina: Celebrating a Thriving Community,' events at the University's campuses begin mid-September and continue all through October.

Penn State News photo of Las Cafeteras.