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Eberly College of Science

Interdisciplinary Programs

The interdisciplinary sciences provide a diverse perspective on broad-based study, connecting areas like mathematics, chemistry, biology, and physics.

Premedicine accepted students celebration.
Premedicine program

Our four-year interdisciplinary Premedicine degree provides excellent preparation in the natural sciences and supporting non-science courses, giving you a competitive edge as you apply for postgraduate professional schools or pursue a career in health care.

BS/MBA students listen to a presentation at Medidata

Consider joining a tight-knit community of Penn State scientists in a tailored, mentored, accelerated program that helps you reach a graduate degree in less time.

Science BS/MBA program
A female student checks a sample under the microscope.
Integrative Science major

Students who love science but want the flexibility to explore a wide breadth of science often choose the Integrative Science major. It allows a certain degree of specialization but also permits study in areas like business, information science and technology, education, psychology, or other areas.


Spend three years at Penn State followed by four years at the Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. Complete a BS in year four and an MD in year seven.

Accelerated Premedical-Medical Program (BS/MD)