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Future Undergraduate Students

First Year Living Options

Biology (BIOME)

First year Biology students have the opportunity to live and work with students who share your science  interests.  The goal of this SLO is to create a strong academic community in Biology while fostering the fun aspects of the discipline. The BIOME is located in Shulze Hall in the Pollock halls. For more information contact Ms. Malissa Martin of the Biology department.

Forensic Science Interest House (FSI)

Students enrolled in the Eberly College of Science's forensic science major may choose this environment to further enhance the University-wide, interdisciplinary approach of the academic curriculum. Activities that support classroom learning and informal interaction with prominent faculty will deepen students' understanding of this exciting field.

First Year In Science and Engineering House (FISE)

First-year students in the Eberly College of Science, the College of Engineering, and the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences may choose to reside in this SLO. Residents are offered a variety of programs to help students learn more about multicultural issues, develop time management and study skills, and explore the many extracurricular opportunities available to them at Penn State. Residents are also encouraged to take advantage of in-house tutoring and mentoring services.

  • Open to first-year students in the Eberly College of Science, the College of Engineering, and the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences only. (Participating students' requested roommates may also be housed in this SLO if space permits.)
  • Visit the website for additional information on how to apply.

Women In Science and Engineering (WISE)

WISE House is designed to give women students in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields a supportive living environment to help participants make it through these challenging and predominantly male majors. As members of WISE House, residents benefit from educational programming, social activities, career networking, academic assistance, and leadership opportunities all while living and networking with other women in similar fields of study. This SLO is affiliated with the University’s Women in the Sciences and Engineering Institute. WISE House is open to any female student, but preference is given to students in the colleges of AG, EMS, ENGR, HHD, IST, and SCI.