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Integrative Science major

Develop a firm foundation in science theory
Explore science without barriers

Students who love science but want the flexibility to explore a wide breadth of science often chose the Science major. It allows a certain degree of specialization but also permits study in areas like business, information science and technology, education, psychology, or other areas.

Integrative Science major requirements

The Integrative Science major at Penn State, offering a B.S. degree, is designed specifically for students who have education goals relating to scientific theory and practice and who require a high degree of flexibility to obtain their educational objectives.

A new alumna waves to the crowd at the 2023 spring commencement ceremony.

Information and forms

Future students and current students need to know the requirements for this major and access to common forms.

Students studying

The Science Advising Center

Science advisers are available to students when they are doing well and when they face academic challenges. It’s always best to make a connection with an advisor early to navigate your college career without obstacles.

Two coeds speaking to a faculty member during the Eberly Student Council networking event.