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Eberly College of Science

College Vision, Mission, and Goals

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The Eberly College of Science: a vibrant scientific and educational community that is open and welcoming, creativeand adaptable, and internationally renowned for excellence in education and research and for improving the worldthrough its students, its discoveries, and its outreach.


The Eberly College of Science is the home of the basic sciences at Penn State, one of the world’s leading research universities. Our faculty, staff and students work together to create, share, and
apply knowledge in the basic sciences. Our mission includes:

  • advancing the frontiers of knowledge in the physical, biological and mathematical sciences;
  • providing access to a rich educational experience that will motivate and enable all of our students, both in the College and from across Penn State, to seek the highest levels of intellectual achievement and personal growth; and
  • sharing our knowledge, discoveries and inventions with the people of the Commonwealth, the nation and the world in order to improve appreciation and comprehension of science and to bring the benefits of science to society.


Enrich lives, improve society and address global challenges by producing scientifically-trained leaders and innovators, advancing the frontiers of science, and enhancing public understanding of science.

The gateway to the sciences in the spring
Eberly Strategic Plan