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The Eberly College of Science

Department of Physics

"From the nano to the macro, we seek to understand the origin of the universe, the ultimate structure of matter, and the fundamental laws that govern the physical world. I'm proud to belong to an excellent and diverse community of faculty, postdocs, and students who are opening new scientific frontiers and developing ground breaking quantum technologies." Nitin Samarth, Department Head

Physics Undergrad student conducting an experiment on a 2DCC machine
Physics undergraduate program

Develop a broad, deep, and rigorous knowledge of the quantitative problems that govern the natural world.

Physics graduate researching looking at an experiment

Intellectually challenging and exciting graduate research alongside leading physics faculty full of talent, enthusiasm, and imagination.

Physics graduate program

Physics Spotlight

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New material may offer key to solving quantum computing issue

Three individuals and one group received 2022 Climate and Diversity Awards from the Eberly College of Science.

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Eberly College of Science announces 2022 Climate and Diversity Awards

Photons that are forced to interact with each other through waveguides demonstrate behavior evocative of the fractional quantum Hall effect

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Emergent behavior observed in self-interacting light
Poster describing CUWiP conference at Penn State

Penn State hosts CUWiP 2023!

We are excited to host one of the sites of the 2023 APS Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics!