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Endless opportunities.

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Chemistry Undergraduate Program

We provide a program that’s flexible enough to meet your specific interests. Through research and co-op opportunities, you’ll put your classroom knowledge into practice to prepare for a wide range of careers.

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We encourage you to excel in your graduate studies, to develop and enhance your scientific passion, and to contribute to the scientific community at large.

Chemistry Graduate Program
Featured Story
Zarzar Group Reveals an Unrecognized Mechanism for Generating Structural Iridescent Color

In a paper appearing on Feb. 28 on the cover of the journal Nature, Dr. Lauren Zarzar and her group describe how a surface covered in a fine mist of transparent droplets and lit with a single white light lamp can produce bright, iridescent colors if each tiny droplet is precisely the same size. This newly explained form of structural color could aid in the development of brilliantly-colored cosmetics, color-changing paints, or adaptive camouflage.

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The Department of Chemistry is excited to announce the creation of four new assistant head positions for undergraduate education. Keep reading to learn how they plan to develop an undergraduate program that will support the chemists of the future.
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Chemistry Spotlight
Chemistry Research Areas

We eliminate barriers, creating a dynamic research environment that combines specialities to help address pressing challenges.

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Chemistry Research Facilities

The department’s cutting-edge research facilities offer faculty and students powerful tools for innovation. 

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University Institutes and Centers

Our interdisciplinary institutes and centers strengthen our research offering across the university, while providing meaningful training opportunities for graduate students.

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Chemistry Events

Stay up to date with everything that's happening around the department.

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Chemistry faculty are now able to submit nominations for the Peter Craig Breen Memorial Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Chemistry Research. The award is available to all junior and senior chemistry majors with a record of excellence in academics and research.  All nominations should be submitted by March 31, 2019 to Kate Masters ( and be accompanied by a letter of recommendation. 

Now Accepting Nominations for the Peter Craig Breen Memorial Award