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BMMB Graduate Program
Interdisciplinary and Flexible Training

Earn a Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Microbiology and Molecular Biology (BMMB) researching alongside 53 faculty and more than 55 graduate students in areas from the structures of biological molecules and their mechanisms to the development of multicellular organisms.

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Meet Neeraja Marathe

Neeraja’s research focuses on understanding why ribosome rescue has evolved to become indispensable for all bacterial species utilizing small molecules known to target the trans-translation pathway.

Image, from left to right, of a sketch Neejera Marathe made of a crown in a leafless tree at night followed by an image of Neejera at the beach
Meet Samantha Hartmann

Samantha's research focuses on papillomavirus.  Utilizing a technique called cryogenic electron microscopy, or cryo EM, she's learning about virus structure.

Image of Samantha Hartmann
Meet Grace Usher

Grace's research strives to understand the molecular contributions to certain types of diabetes.  The particular protein factor she investigates, Pdx1, is tasked with the increase of production in insulin within the pancreas.  

Two images, from left to right: Grace Usher posing in front of the Bruker 850 US, and Grace Usher pipping a solution into a tube
BMMB Graduate Program

BMMB students make scientific contributions under the mentorship of vibrant and diverse faculty whose research expertise provides students with an engaging collaborative and interdisciplinary experience.

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