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Associate Research Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, and Director of the X-ray Crystallography Facility
Hemant Yennawar

About Me

Dr. Yennawar had his education in India, obtaining Bachelors and Masters degrees in Science from Nagpur University and PhD in Physics (X-ray crystallography) from Indian Institute of Science Bangalore.  He joined Penn State University as a post-doctoral fellow to work in the protein crystallography laboratory and later appointed as the director of X-ray crystallography facility for the BMB & Chemistry Departments (1997). 


Department or University Committees

  • Climate and Diversity Committee



Program or Departmental Affiliations

BMMB Graduate Program The Department of Chemistry



Research Summary

Dr. Yennawar’s research activity primarily involves elucidating molecular structures using X-ray diffraction technique - which can be relevant to biochemistry, chemistry, biology, material science, veterinary science, etc. 

As in-charge of the X-ray lab, Dr. Yennawar maintains the different X-ray instrumentation (Rigakur MicroMax 007 for macromolecular single crystal, Bruker Smart Apex for small molecule single crystal, and Bruker D8 Advance for powder diffraction. 

Dr. Yennawar has collaborated extensively with other researchers (faculty, post-doctoral fellows and graduate students) extensively. His collaborators are from various departments - BMB, Chemistry, Material Research Laboratory here on the main campus and from Penn State sister campuses as well. Much of the work has been published in peer-reviewed journals.  PubMed search shows about sixty papers in various disciplines of research, to his credit.  

As outreach service, the facility accepts samples from private industry, for which a separate fee structure is established. 

In addition to guiding and training young researchers in the laboratory, Dr. Yennawar teaches the ‘Biomolecular Structure’ (BMMB 531) course in the spring semester, for which he has gotten the ‘most highly rated faculty’ recognition from the Dean’s office.  


Honors and Awards

  • Office of Dean (ECoS) recognition: SRTE Most Highly Rated Faculty (2012)



Selected Publications