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Hemant Yennawar

Research Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, and Director of the X-ray Crystallography Facility
Hemant Yennawar

About Me

Dr. Yennawar had his education in India, obtaining Bachelors and Masters degrees in Science from Nagpur University and PhD in Physics (X-ray crystallography) from Indian Institute of Science Bangalore.  He joined Penn State University as a post-doctoral fellow to work in the protein crystallography laboratory and later appointed as the director of X-ray crystallography facility for the BMB & Chemistry Departments (1997). 


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Research Summary

Dr. Yennawar’s research activity primarily involves elucidating molecular structures using X-ray diffraction technique - which can be relevant to biochemistry, chemistry, biology, material science, veterinary science, etc. 

As in-charge of the X-ray lab, Dr. Yennawar maintains different X-ray instrumentation (Rigaku MicroMax 007 for macromolecular single crystal and Bruker Smart Apex for small molecule single crystal diffractometers.

Dr. Yennawar has collaborated extensively with other researchers (faculty, post-doctoral fellows and graduate students) extensively. His collaborators are from various departments - BMB, Chemistry, Material Research Laboratory here on the main campus and from Penn State sister campuses as well. Much of the work has been published in peer-reviewed journals.  PubMed search shows about sixty papers in various disciplines of research, to his credit.  

As outreach service, the facility accepts samples from private industry, for which a separate fee structure is established. 

In addition to guiding and training young researchers in the laboratory, Dr. Yennawar teaches the ‘Biomolecular Structure’ (BMMB 598-003) course in the spring semester, for which he has gotten the ‘most highly rated faculty’ recognition from the Dean’s office.  


Honors and Awards

  • Office of Dean (ECoS) recognition: SRTE Most Highly Rated Faculty (2012)



Selected Publications