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William Campbell

Assistant Teaching Professor; Forensic Science Program
Bill Campbell

About Me

Dr. William Campbell receive a Doctorate in Organometallic Chemistry at Montana State University under the direction of Dr. Wyn Jennings. While working on his doctorate he also conducted research in the study of toxic substances in native plants and he also gained a wealth of experience in Infrared, NMR and EI Mass Spectroscopy.

He continued his educational development with a Post-Doctoral appointment at the University of Minnesota under the direction of Dr. Paul Gasman doing research on synthesis and analysis of transition metal organometallic complexes.  This study entailed advanced NMR and Mass Spectroscopic techniques as well as X-Ray photoelectron Spectroscopy.

Dr. Campbell entered the industrial sector working in Central Research at the Dow Corning Corporation where he gained expertise in organosilicon chemistry. This led to the study of surface modifications for silica particles for chromatographic applications including HPLC. 

Dr. Campbell transitioned into the HPLC industry where he has contributed significantly in the advancement of HPLC technology for analysis of biological molecules, pharmaceuticals, and pharmaceutical (legal and illegal) metabolites.  Dr. Campbell is currently a co-owner of Phase Analytical Technology which produces HPLC technology for pharmaceutical and clinical analysis.

Throughout his industrial career, Dr. Campbell has taken many adjunct faculty position teaching General, Organic, Environmental and Toxicology courses.  He has taught as an Adjunct for Penn State between Fall 2003 and Spring of 2019. He is currently on the Faculty of the Forensics Sciences Department at Penn State University.


Program or Departmental Affiliations

Forensic Science Program



  • Development of LC/MS techniques for drug analysis of bodily fluids 
  • Development of HPLC phase chemistry for drug and alcohol analysis
  • Analysis of various matrix types for trace analysis
  • Development of HPLC/MS techniques for rapid analysis of designer drugs.


Course Currently Teaching

  • Forensic Chemistry (427)
  • Advanced Chromatographic Science (831)
  • Forensic Toxicology (532)