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Robert Boor

Facilities Coordinator
Robert Boor

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Serve as liaison between the department, OPP, and various vendors/contractors
  • Assist department head with space issues and office or lab renovations
  • Coordinate new and ongoing department construction projects, renovations, space management, maintenance, and repairs
  • Communicate facility needs, obtain budget estimates, and coordinate facility projects
  • Attend job meetings with contractors and inspect renovations
  • Initiate work orders, inspect work for accuracy/compliance, and monitor expenditures
  • Notify department of shutdowns, repairs, and utility interruptions
  • Coordinate facility access and security issues within department spaces
  • Serve as the Department Safety Officer, ensuring EHS regulations are effectively followed and an integrated safety plan is in place
  • Coordinate department phone service, order new service, alter existing services, report problems for resolution
  • Monitor and maintain physical inventory and department assets
  • Coordinate department operations with Lion Surplus