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Meghna Chakraborty

BMMB Graduate Student
Meghna Chakraborty.

About Me

Hello, I am Meghna Chakraborty. I was born and brought up in Kolkata, in India. I completed my B.Sc degree in Microbiology from St. Xavier’s College in Kolkata and then moved to the capital city of New Delhi to pursue higher studies. I earned an M.Sc degree in Molecular Medicine from Jawaharlal Nehru University. This university not only fueled my passion for research but also taught me to look at life in a new and unique way.  After that, I went on to work as a junior research fellow at the National Institute of Immunology, New Delhi, at the Epigenetics Research Laboratory for about a year.

For as long as I can remember I had always wanted to study Biology and that is what drove me forward. I am really interested in understanding Gene Regulation and its implication in different diseases. Another area of interest of mine is studying the human microbiome. I am a huge science fiction enthusiast and my dream job would be to work as a science officer at Starfleet (Star Trek fans unite!). I love being around dogs, long walks, playing video games, and reading books.


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