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Oshadi Jayasinghe

BMMB Graduate Student - Babitzke Lab
Oshadi Jayasinghe.
The Babitzke Lab

About Me

Completed my undergraduate studies in University of Colombo, Sri Lanka, majoring in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry. Worked as an Assistant lecturer at the same university prior to joining the PSU BMMB program. 


Research Interest

My research interests lie in the field of RNA molecular biology and gene expression regulation. I’m specifically focused on exploring and investigating the intricate details of molecular factors, pathways and mechanisms pertaining to the area of post-transcriptional regulation in bacterial systems as models.


Research Summary

Currently I’m engaged in a project that explores post transcriptional regulation mechanisms involving protein factors such as Nus A, Nus G and Rho in Bacillus subtilis and Escherichia coli model systems. This involves investigating the regulatory mechanisms by which transcription elongation/ termination and pausing coordinates and bring about cognate impacts on the expression profiles.


Programs and Training Centers