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Amena Rizk

BMMB Graduate Student
Amena Rizk.

About Me:

I've been interested in Biology for as far as I can remember. I earned a BSc degree and an MS degree in Molecular Biology from the Lebanese University. To expand my interests in the Molecular Microbiology domain, I joined Washington University in Saint Louis as a research scholar. Prior to that, I was a research assistant at the American University of Beirut working at the Center for Infectious Diseases and Research. 

During my lab experiences, I developed expertise in both bacterial and viral disease responses as I had the chance to work on different microorganisms such as Streptococcus pneumonia, Influenza viruses, and recently the Covid-19 virus.

I’m looking forward to a new experience within the BMMB program, and hoping to conduct research that will add value to human life.