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Wellness and
Mental Health Resources

All BMMB students should use the Student Health Center for medical needs. However, sometimes students need additional support beyond physical health services. Penn State provides many additional wellness and mental health services that are covered under the Penn State Student Health Insurance Plan, free, or with minimal costs to support student wellness and mental health.

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

CAPS can help students resolve personal concerns that may interfere with their academic progress, social development, and satisfaction at Penn State. Some of the more common concerns include difficulty with friends, roommates, or family members; depression and anxiety; sexual identity; lack of motivation or difficulty relaxing, concentrating, or studying; eating disorders; sexual assault and sexual abuse recovery; and uncertainties about personal values and beliefs.

Most services begin with a 10-15 minute phone screening appointment with a staff clinician to assess the nature and urgency of your problem so that we can help arrange the most appropriate next step to assist you. Please call 814-863-0395 to set up a phone screening appointment.

At the end of the phone screening, we will review appropriate options with you. These options could include an initial appointment at CAPS and/or referral to other resources on campus or in the community that can help address your concerns. Urgent appointments are available when needed.

CAPS is a short-term counseling center. If you need or are interested in a longer-term therapy relationship, we can help you to access our web-based Community Provider Database and advise you about setting up services in the community.

During the first in-person appointment, you will have the opportunity to discuss concerns in more detail. If further services are needed, the counselor may recommend group or individual counseling, suggest further evaluation, or refer the student to other services on or off campus.



Mental Health Services in Centre County

Caution: These services may not be covered by your health insurance. Student Health Center and CAPS should be your first choice for services to guarantee coverage.

Student Care and Advocacy Office

Students may experience a variety of challenges during their graduate career. Student Care & Advocacy is a central location that coordinates efforts with campus partners to assist students who encounter challenges or concerns in achieving success at Penn State. Please reach out if you or someone you know has been impacted any of the following:

  • Hospitalization

  • Medical emergencies or long-term illness

  • Mental health concerns

  • Chronic conditions

  • Death of an immediate family member

  • Food insecurity

  • Housing insecurity

  • Natural disasters

  • Academic distress

  • Unexpected events or challenges

Our purpose is to empower students to overcome obstacles to their growth both inside and outside the classroom. We encourage students to maximize their educational experience and prepare them for involvement in the larger community and for life beyond college. We welcome any opportunity to provide consultation, answer questions, respond to concerns, or direct you to the resource best equipped to meet your needs.

Health and Wellness Resources

Penn State offers wellness services to all students. Penn State offers services for healthy relationships and sexual health, nutrition and healthy eating, physical activity, sleep, and stress. Drop by the offices, schedule an appointment, or give a call to begin living your best at Penn State.