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Summer Registration and STAP

Summer Registration Requirements

BMMB Students do not need to be registered for summer unless:

  1. You are a Bunton-Waller Scholarship Recipient for that summer. (You must be registered to receive your summer scholarship).

  2. You are planning on taking your comprehensive exam anytime from the last day of classes spring semester to Friday before fall classes begin.

  3. You are planning on defending your PhD. dissertation anytime from the last day of classes spring semester to Friday before fall classes begin.

  4. You would like to take HIED 806: College Teaching.

  5. You need to take an ESL course (international students only).

Students in categories 1-3: Register for 1 credit of BMMB 600.

Please note that you should not register just because you are thinking about taking comprehensives or defending. You should be quite sure you will really be doing something that requires being registered during that time period as BMMB must justify all registrations.


Summer Tuition Assistance Program (STAP)

If you register, tuition will have to be paid, so you also need to apply to STAP (Summer Tuition Assistance Program) for payment of that tuition so as to prevent the need for you to either pay out of your own pocket or ask your adviser to pay with grant funds. The ECoS allocation of that STAP money usually runs out sometime in late April or May, so don't procrastinate if you are really planning to take comprehensives, defend, or need to take ESL courses/HI ED 546 over the summer.

After registering:

  1. Go to the Graduate School website and complete the STAP application

  2. Email the Graduate Program Coordinator to tell her you have done the first two things.

Note: The process cannot be completed until the actual amount of tuition has been determined as some point in late March, but if you have everything in order Linda can administratively complete the process for you as soon as the tuition tables are in the system.