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Science Journal Winter 2019

From Under Sea to Outer Space
The vast reach of the Eberly College of Science

Science is unabashedly and by necessity globalized. In this issue of the Science Journal, we highlight two of our current efforts to understand Planet Earth and beyond.
Douglas R. Cavener
Dean Douglas R. Cavener at his desk.
Chandra Deep Field-South.
Students in a math class learning from a mentor.
The Learning Assistant Experience
Chandra Deep Field South.
Students listening to a professor in a classroom
Student immersion into the "Shark Tank"
John Badding, professor of chemistry, physics, and materials science and engineering at Penn State, holding a 3D model of a polytwistane nanothread, the focus of the new NSF Center for Nanothread Chemistry.
New NSF-funded center to explore chemistry of “nanothreads”
A flaring supermassive black hole form the Toward Comic Insight story in the Winter 2019 issue of the Science Journal.

New department heads named for the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, the Department of Chemistry, and the Department of Statistics.

Three faculty members awarded research grants by the Kaufman Foundation.

Welcome to new faculty and congratulations to the faculty earning promotions.

Department News

Outstanding Alumni

The 2018 Eberly College of Science Outstanding Science Alumni Award.

Alexandra Heerdt ’85, Fred Allendorf ’71, Nick Hartman ’03, and Danielle Pasqualone ’90 have been honored with the 2018 Outstanding Science Alumni Award.

Anatole Katok

A mathematician’s advisees honor his dynamic legacy.

Photo of Anatole Katok.

Melanie McReynolds

BMB alumna awarded the HHMI Hanna Gray Fellowship.

Photo of Melanie McReynolds by Jeff Zelevansky.

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A screenshot of the icons for popular social media applications.

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On the Back Cover

Composite image of a gibbous moon at 96 percent illumination, resting over the Atlantic Ocean.