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Find Your Adviser
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Find Your Adviser

When you come to Penn State, you’re automatically assigned an academic adviser within your respective college. Should you forget or lose your adviser’s contact information, you can always track that down on LionPATH, under Student Center, in the “Adviser” box.

If you haven’t been assigned an adviser, or if you’d prefer to speak to an adviser outside of your program, you can find more information on the program pages listed below for the next steps to take.

Advising Contact: Astronomy and Astrophysics
Chris Palma, Assistant Department Head for Undergraduate Education



Advising Contact: Schreyer Honors College

Chris Palma, Assistant Department Head for Undergraduate Education



Advising Contact: Astronomy Minors

Robin Ciardullo, Professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics



Advising Site for Astronomy and Astrophysics

Advising Contacts: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Amanda Lynch, Undergraduate Program Coordinator, Student Studies

Jennifer Keefer, Undergraduate Program Adviser
223 Ritenour

Amber Reese Miller, Academic Adviser
(Advising appointments take place in 124A S. Frear)
303 Wartik Laboratory

Advising Contact: Schreyer Honors College
David Gilmore, Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Advising Site for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Biology Undergraduate Advising Office



Barbara W. DeHart, Director of Biology Advising


Advising Contact: Schreyer Honors College
Stephen W. Schaeffer, Professor of Biology, Assistant Department Head for Graduate Education


Advising Site for Biology

Advising Contacts: Chemistry

Chemistry Undergraduate Advising



Katherine Masters, Associate Teaching Professor of Chemistry



Advising Contact: Schreyer Honors College
Pshemak Maslak, Associate Professor of Chemistry


Advising Site for Chemistry

Advising Contacts: Forensic Science

John Moses, Undergraduate Academic Adviser


Maria Long, Program Staff Assistant



Advising Site for Forensic Science

Advising Contact: Mathematics

Undergraduate Mathematics Office



Advising Site for Mathematics

Advising Contact: Physics

Richard Robinett, Associate Head for Undergraduate Studies


Advising Contacts: Premedicine, Premedical-Medical, and Science B.S.

Ritenour Building (Second Floor)



Lori Lauck, Administrative Support Assistant



Luann Auman, Administrative Support Assistant



Advising Contact: Science MBA

Alicia Kehn, Academic Adviser



Advising Site for Prehealth Advising

Advising Site for Premed and SC BS students

Advising Contacts: Statistics

Amy Schmoeller, Undergraduate Administrative Assistant

323 Thomas Building



Katie Holt, Academic Adviser

316B Thomas Building



Advising Site for Statistics