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Everything you’ll need to know
before you change campuses

Welcome to University Park. 

We’re glad you’ve chosen to complete your science degree at Penn State’s main campus. Here’s what you’ll need to know to make your transition successful.

From a Penn State Campus to University Park

Once you enroll at your starting campus, you don’t need to reapply for admission when it's time to move to University Park. You’ll work with your academic adviser to complete the change-of-campus process. For most students, this process happens during your fourth semester (the end of your sophomore year), in anticipation of moving to University Park for your fifth semester (the start of your junior year).

We encourage you to contact your adviser to discuss your schedule and how it aligns with your academic plans.


Other Change-of-Campus Processes

We recommend following the standard change-of-campus process above, but we understand that some situations will call for a different approach.


Late Change of Campus

Your request to change campuses to University Park will be approved if you are in or beyond your fifth semester and if you are either accepted into your major or meet entrance-to-major (ETM) requirements. A change of major may also need to be processed if you are not already accepted into your major.

If you are in or beyond your first semester but do not meet ETM requirements, your change-of-campus request will be referred to and reviewed by the department.


Early Change of Campus

Requests for early relocation to University Park—that is, during the first two years of your academic work—are generally approved only when the move is necessary for you to maintain normal degree progress toward your preferred major.


From University Park to Commonwealth Campus

Current University Park students who wish to move to another Penn State campus should submit an Update Campus request in LionPATH.