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Diversity in STEM

Student Opportunities

Student Opportunities

The Diversity in STEM Corporate Partners Program aims to provide underrepresented students with opportunities to make the most of their degree experience and pursue STEM careers through meaningful interactions with corporate partners. Through our program, students gain opportunities to present their research to industry representatives, network with potential employers, and become more prepared candidates for a wide variety of jobs.

As part of this emerging program, representatives from companies including GSK and DuPont have offered workshops and conversations on topics ranging from workplace diversity to résumé and interview preparation. These events provide graduate and undergraduate students with invaluable networking opportunities as well as the chance to learn about the day-to-day realities of working in industry.

"The Corporate Diversity Conversation was great! I got to meet a lot of people and converse about the industries. My main takeaway is that networking is the key to success."

—Saakshi Shamanth Donthi, Class of 2022, Bioinformatics and Genomics

Ashley Bold at the 2021 Undergraduate Research Poster Exhibition.

"I strongly recommend participating in corporate partnership events, such as the research symposium, to anyone who wants to practice sharing research. The symposium allowed for more intimate interactions and deep conversation in an accepting environment. It also allowed for professional network building with companies outside of Penn State."

—Ashley Bolds, Class of 2023, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology