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Diversity in STEM

Corporate Partner Experience

Corporate Partner Experience

Partnering with the Penn State Eberly College of Science presents opportunities for companies to interact with and recruit emerging scholars from underrepresented backgrounds during a variety of unique professionalization and networking events.

The Eberly College of Science is home to more than 500 graduate and undergraduate student researchers from U.S. communities that have traditionally been underrepresented in STEM fields across both education and industry. During their time at Penn State, these future leaders pursue educational and professional experiences that will position them upon graduation for a wide range of STEM careers.

The Diversity in STEM Corporate Partners Program offers employers a chance to share employment prospects and build relationships with future applicants in order to develop a strong, diverse talent pipeline.


Lamont Terrell for the Diversity in STEM Corporate Partners.

"The Reverse Career Fair was an excellent opportunity to engage and learn about the student organizations on campus. It was inspiring to see so many future leaders of science and to share the excitement the students felt while sharing their science.”

—Lamont Terrell, Inclusion and Diversity Lead, R&D, GSK