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Climate and Diversity
Climate and Diversity Committee

The Eberly College of Science Climate and Diversity committee was formed by Dean Larson in 1999 and charged with the task of assessing the “climate” of the Eberly College of Science as a place to work and study.  The information gathered was used to further the College’s vision of providing a supportive and welcoming environment in which all of its diverse members can carry out their individual missions of research service, teaching and learning, to the best of their abilities.

Below list of the members that serve on the current committee.  The committee is made up from representatives from each department as well as the Dean's Office, and draws from staff, faculty, graduate students, post-docs and undergraduates.

For more information about the Climate and Diversity Committee, or to suggest topics for the Committee to discuss, please contact either of the co-Chairs: Kristin Finch ( or Chuck Fisher (

2018-2019 College Climate and Diversity Committee Members

  • Julia Kregenow, Astronomy
  • Jacob Luhn, Astronomy
  • Sarah Morrison, Astronomy
  • Benoit Dayrat, Biology
  • Kathryn McClintock, Biology
  • Di (Bruce) Chen, Biology
  • Benoit Dayrat, Biology
  • Charles Fisher, Biology - Co-Chair
  • Monika Cechova, Biology
  • Jessie Crosby, Biology
  • Barbara McGrath, Biology
  • Lorraine Grattan, BMB
  • Melissa Rolls, BMB
  • Nicky Hackenbrack, BMB
  • Lynnicia Massenburg, BMB
  • Cheryl Keller, BMB
  • Molly Rathbun, BMB
  • Lasse Jensen, Chemistry
  • Stacy Englert, Chemistry
  • Kyra Murrell, Chemistry
  • Artemio Cardenas, Dean's Office
  • Kristin Finch, Dean's Office, Co-Chair
  • Amanda Jones, Dean's Office
  • Aleksandra Slavkovic, Dean's Office
  • Dave Zach, Dean's Office
  • Bridget Deromedi, Dean's Office
  • Pam Garito, Dean's Office
  • Dana Crumrine, Dean's Office
  • Sarah Dills, Dean's Office
  • Andrew Belmonte, Math
  • Robert Geist, Math
  • Dominic Veconi, Math
  • Randi Neshturek, Physics
  • Miguel Mostafa, Physics
  • Michelle Tomczyk, Physics
  • Yu Wang, Physics
  • Matt Fisher, Science LionPride
  • Lorey Burghard, Statistics
  • Meridith Bartley, Statistics
  • Priyangi Buluthsinhala
  • Stephanie Zerby, Staff Advisory Committee