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Climate and Diversity

About Us

In October of 1999, then-Dean Daniel Larson formed a committee charged with the task of assessing the climate within the Eberly College of Science as a place to work and study. The information gathered since then has been used to further the college’s vision of providing a supportive and welcoming environment in which all of its diverse members can carry out their individual missions of research, service, teaching, and learning. The committee is charged by the dean to assess and improve the climate of the Eberly College of Science as a place to work and study. Committee members represent every area of the college and consist of faculty, staff, and student members. In addition to the college committee, each department has a committee to address issues at the departmental level.


Our Vision

The Eberly College of Science is a vibrant scientific and educational community, open and welcoming, creative and adaptable, renowned for excellence in research and teaching and for improving the world through our students, our discoveries, and our inventions.

To achieve this vision, the Eberly College of Science strives to provide access to rich education, research, and employment experiences that will motivate and enable all of our students, faculty, and staff to seek the highest levels of intellectual achievement and personal growth. Our intellectual strength and diversity will be paralleled and enriched by our demographic diversity and by the way in which we create an inclusive and sustaining climate for everyone.

What is Diversity?

The Eberly College of Science recognizes diversity as broad and multifaceted. We strongly support the University’s nondiscrimination policy and seek to provide an environment of mutual respect among individuals of all backgrounds and those holding differing perspectives and ideas.


What is Climate?

Climate is the word we use to describe the atmosphere in the college. How does it feel to be a member of our college? We strive to foster a climate that is supportive of and welcoming for everyone—including those of different cultures, racial and ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations, and religious beliefs, as well as nontraditional learners and those with disabilities—and to create an environment in which each member can achieve their fullest potential.

Subcommittee Focuses

  • Awards — leads the annual Dean’s climate and diversity award program to celebrate individuals who positively contribute to the climate of our college and awards annual seed grants to departmental climate and diversity committees to fund new diversity and inclusion initiatives and promote collaboration.
  • Communications — organizes the annual fall collaborative meeting to bring together department and college climate and diversity committees, ombuds, and Next STEPS members. Communicates with administration about matters that arise during the year, and reviews web sites and digital displays.
  • Events — organizes events through out the year to celebrate the diversity of our college; this includes social media and email campaigns and programming that highlights Hispanic Heritage month, Black History month, national first gen day, and LGBTQ+ STEM day, etc.
  • Graduate students — works on identifying and addressing issues related to graduate student climate and success; organizes activities to build community amongst and education for graduate students on diversity and inclusion topics.
  • Postdocs and nontenure-line faculty — actively works to create a positive climate for and build community among postdocs and nontenure-line faculty in the college; recent efforts include generating best practices recommendations for non-TT faculty and postdocs and providing input for the postdoc individual development plans.
  • Staff — organizes events to share information and ideas among staff in the college; aims to understand issues for different types of staff in the college.

Any member of the Eberly College of Science is able to participate in one of our subcommittees. To join a subcommittee, please contact the Office of Diversity and Inclusion at A member of our staff will connect you with the subcommittee chairs.