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Integrative Science Major

Major specifics, goals, and requirements

Integrative Science Major

The Integrative Science major is an interdisciplinary degree that aims to provide a broad, general education in science. The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) curriculum is designed specifically for students who have education goals relating to scientific theory and practice across disciplinary areas, and who seek a high degree of flexibility to obtain their educational objectives. After completing foundation courses in biology, calculus, chemistry, physics, and statistics, students select additional science courses from designated areas to customize the curriculum to their own interests. A large number of supporting credits enable students to incorporate significant breadth or specialization into their academic training, such as through courses in business, computer and information science, health science, social science, and other fields.

At University Park, there are 3 options for Integrative Science majors to choose from, depending on your interests and career goals: 

  • General Science option – offers the most flexibility with upper-level coursework, which enables you to select courses based on your scientific interests to meet specific degree requirements
  • Biological Science and Health Professions option – offers opportunities to take foundational and upper-level courses in healthcare, medicine, and ethics to support your future healthcare career goals
  • Legal Studies, Government Service, Public Policy option – offers opportunities to take foundational and upper-level courses in legal studies, government service, policy, ethics, professional development, and current issues to support your future career goals 

The Integrative Science major requires a minimum of 120 credits. At least 15 credits are completed at the 400 level, with 9 of these credits in 400-level science. All options of the major require students to take supporting courses in Global, Social, and Personal Awareness, and Teamwork and Interpersonal Communication to further refine core competencies. Many students find they can easily incorporate courses for a minor or certificate within the major requirements to support their learning and training for the workforce.

The Integrative Science major prepares students for careers founded broadly on an understanding of the core principles in the life, mathematical, and physical sciences. Students enter many different job sectors including agriculture, biotechnology, chemistry, education, government, industry, medicine, pharmaceutical, research & development, sustainability, and more. Graduates of this major pursue diverse career paths and hold a variety of roles such as research scientist, data analyst, technician, program coordinator, project manager, consultant, and laboratory associate. The degree can also be tailored to meet specific requirements of professional programs such as medical, dental, physician assistant, pharmacy, or law school, as well as graduate school. 

Program Learning Objectives:

  1. Knowledge Application: Graduates will be able to apply scientific concepts across disciplines. 
  2. Scientific Process: Graduates will be able to perform the process of science. 
  3. Quantitative Reasoning: Graduates will be able to interpret scientific data using quantitative reasoning skills. 
  4. Communication: Graduates will be able to explain scientific concepts through written and verbal communication. 
  5. Ethical Reasoning: Graduates will be able to apply ethical reasoning to scientific problems.

View the Integrative Science major on the Undergraduate Bulletin 

View the Program Requirements for all options of the degree: 

  • Common Requirements for the Major (all options) 
  • Requirements for the Option 
    • General Science option 
    • Biological Sciences and Health Professions option 
    • Legal Studies, Government Service, Public Policy option 
  • General Education Requirements 
  • University Degree Requirements 

View the Suggested Academic Plans for all options of the degree, with starting campus and math placement considerations: 

  • Starting at University Park Campus 
  • Starting at University Park Campus, with ALEKS placement in MATH 22 
  • Starting at Commonwealth Campuses

Download fillable check sheets and department list course choices for Summer 2024 to Present: 

  • Students in the Integrative Science major may pursue a concurrent degree (double major) or sequential degree with programs that are OUTSIDE the Eberly College of Science. Per Faculty Senate policy 60-00, students are not permitted to combine a general major with a departmental major within the same college. 
  • Concurrent and sequential degree requests are reviewed and must be approved by each program.
  • Students must meet all entrance and degree requirements for each major.
  • Students should consult with their academic adviser prior to submitting the request for a concurrent or sequential major.