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Admissions Requirements and Application Instructions

The BS/MBA Program is open to students admitted to the Eberly College of Science at University Park for the Fall Semester.

Students admitted to the program exhibit an ability to communicate effectively, an advanced level of maturity, and high motivation to pursue a joint science/business educational program.

Program admission decisions are made jointly by the Eberly College of Science and the Smeal College of Business.

For incoming First Year students, the decision to extend an invitation to enter the program involves:

  • Applying to Penn State at University Park for the Fall Semester by completing the regular admissions application available on the Penn State Undergraduate Admissions website.

    • Note: The Penn State Admissions application will be available by August 1 and should be submitted by November 1, for priority consideration.
  • Then, applying to the BS/MBA Program by completing the BS/MBA application.
    • The BS/MBA Program application plus two confidential recommendations must be submitted soon after your application to Penn State to receive priority consideration to the BS/MBA Program. We will consider qualified applicants until the limited number of positions in the First Year class is filled.
  • After reviewing applications, a limited number of candidates will be selected for on-campus interviews with representatives of the Eberly College of Science and the Smeal College of Business.

Each BS/MBA class has a maximum of 10 seats, and we will continue to accept applications until our class is filled.

For more information about the program, please contact:


Academic Performance

A student answers a question during a lectureStudents in the BS/MBA program take the same courses and have schedules similar to students in the various science majors within the Eberly College, depending on the student’s area of science focus. They are expected to perform at an A/B level in all courses. Students will complete an application to the MBA program in the final year of undergraduate study, comprising essays, recommendation letters, and an interview. Students are expected to score at least 650 on the GMAT exam.

If students are not performing at a 3.5 (on a 4.0 scale) level, or if they do not earn a 650 or higher GMAT score or display the maturity necessary for acceptance into the MBA program, they may be asked to withdraw from the BS/MBA program. Typically, such a student would remain at Penn State in another program of study.


Students in this program are eligible to receive scholarships during the undergraduate portion of the program from the Balog Endowment, based on availability of resources and the program director's discretion.


Program Costs

While completing the requirements for the BS Science degree, students will be charged Penn State’s regular undergraduate tuition rate. Upon earning the BS Science degree and gaining formal admission to Smeal’s MBA program, students will be charged Penn State’s regular graduate tuition rate.