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Program Information

Program Information

Students in this program earn a B.S. in Science where they select a specific science focus area (e.g., biology, biotechnology, chemistry, mathematics, statistics, etc.). They complete many of the same science courses as students majoring in those specific disciplines. The undergraduate curriculum provides a solid foundation across the life, physical, and quantitative science disciplines and incorporates accounting, computer science, economics, and world language coursework. In addition, students complete three semesters (usually two summers and one fall or spring semester) of cooperative education work experiences during the undergraduate degree, in order to better prepare for entry into Smeal’s M.B.A. program.

Students are strongly encouraged to pursue extracurricular activities during the undergraduate portion of the program, such as a minor or certificate area of study, teaching/learning assistantships, scientific research, and study abroad experiences. BS/MBA students participate in a range of professional development activities throughout both degrees to build essential skills and networks for success. 

Students typically complete the B.S. in Science in four years and the M.B.A. in the fifth year. However, students who have a significant amount of college credit and/or an interest in taking summer courses can complete their dual degree requirements in a total of four years, three years for the undergraduate degree and one year for the graduate degree. 

View the undergraduate curriculum and degree requirements in the Penn State Bulletin.

Students listening to a presentation as part of the B S M B A program.

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