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Science Journal Summer 2020


A message from the dean

Dean Douglas Cavener

Science Journal Photo Contest

Science Journal photo contest graphic.

About this photo

Science and art intersect in this fluorescent light micrograph by Claire Thomas.

Fluorescent light micrograph by Claire Thomas. Science Journal Summer 2020.

Person to Person: RNA World Team

A group of graduate students and postdoctoral researchers bring their own perspectives to understanding the RNA world hypothesis.

Saehyun Choi, McCauley Meyer, Hadi Fares, Raghav Poudyal.

Person to Person: Michelle Stone

A Penn State alumna returns to her alma mater, managing an Eberly research lab.

Michelle Stone with her daughters.

Person To Person: Yunqing Zhou

From Hong Kong to Happy Valley—an Eberly graduate student’s journey to new frontiers

Yunqing Zhou in the Jegla lab

Carefully allocated heat allows 3D printing with different kinds of polymers

Ben Lear and his lab shine lasers on nanoparticles, which absorb the light and convert it to heat. The heat that diffuses out of the particle can then be used to drive a chemical reaction. Credit: Ben Lear

2019 Climate and Diversity Awards

Climate and Diversity Awardees 2019

Explore with Eberly

Allowing adults to get hands-on science experience.

Explore with Eberly participants from the 2020 Spring Semester.
The portico of Old Main at the University Park Campus.
The parasitic plant dodder (yellow) parasitizes a wide range of agriculturally important plants. Credit: Claude dePamphilis
Center for Parasitic and Carnivorous Plants

New Penn State center focuses on the rule breakers of the plant world.

Louis Leblond using the iOLab devise.

With over 15 sensor capabilities, the handheld device is able to detect everything from light intensity to acceleration and also can wirelessly send the data to students’ laptops for analysis.

iOLab: Bringing physics labs to homes around the world
The Millennium Science Building at the University Park Campus.

Welcoming new faculty members to the Eberly College of Science.

Five from Eberly College of Science receive NSF CAREER Award.

Faculty Awards and Honors Summer 2020.

Ten named Fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Years of Service Recognition 2020.

Faculty Spotlight

New Physics Building to support advanced research and teaching

Osmond Lab Science Journal Summer 2020.

Military service funds medical schooling in full

Army Health Professions Scholarship Program Science Journal Summer 2020.

The powerful, broad appeal of data science

Two Penn State alumni’s paths converge on a passion for data-driven problem-solving

Drew Wham and Vince Trost Science Journal Summer 2020.
Audrey Arner - Summer 2020 Science Journal.

“Because of you, I will be able to pursue a career answering complex evolutionary questions and will also be able to encourage other young women to pursue research careers.”

Audrey Arner ’20 Biology, Biological Anthropology

Homer F. Braddock College of Science Memorial Scholarship, Ralph Anthony Giangiordano, Jr. Science Scholarship, Lewis A. and Opal D. Gugliemelli Honors Scholarship in Science, Mahle Millennium Scholars Program Scholarship, Margaret M. Newell Scholarship, Daniel J. Larson International Travel Endowment.

Your gift can support students like Audrey.

Contact the Office of Development and Alumni Relations at (814) 865-5798 or for more information.
Old Main during the fall semester 2012.

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