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Particles & Fields

The particles and fields group aims to develop a thorough understanding of fundamental interactions of the smallest constituents of matter. We work on a variety of topics in particle physics phenomenology, strong interactions, neutrino physics, quantum field theory, lattice QCD, mathematical physics, M/superstring theory and supergravity, and their connections with astrophysics and cosmology.


Theory: Jacob Bourjaily, John Collins, Zoltan Fodor, Murat Günaydin, Irina Mocioiu, Kohta Murase, Richard W. Robinett, Radu Roiban, Sarah Shandera, Anna Stasto, Mark Strikman.

Experiment: Carmen Carmona Benitez, Stephane Coutu, Doug Cowen, Luiz de Viveiros, Steven F Heppelmann, Miguel Alejandro Mostafá, Stephanie Wissel.


Quantum feld theory, scattering amplitudes.
Quantum field theory, Perturbation effects in QCD, Renormalization theory.
Lattice quantum field theory.


Super-strings, super-gravity.
Neutrinos, particle physics phenomenology, connections to astrophysics and cosmology.
Neutrinos, gamma rays, multimessenger astrophysics.


Quantum Mechanics.
String theory, gauge theories, quantum field theory.
Early universe cosmology, primordial gravitational waves, dark matter, cosmological structures, open quantum systems.


Elementary particle physics, phenomenology of strong interactions, hadronic interactions at high energies.
Hadron and nuclei high energy interactions and structure


Search for dark matter (LUX and LZ experiments), particle detector R&D.
High-energy cosmic rays, cosmic antimatter, cosmic electrons, isotopes, ultraheavy nuclei, multimessenger astrophysics.
Neutrino oscillations, neutrino astrophysics, multi-messenger astrophysics, neutrinos for nuclear non-proliferation.


Particle Astrophysics.
High transverse momentum processes in nucleon decay and underground astronomy, color transparency.
Ultra-high energy cosmic rays and neutrinos, very high energy gamma rays, and multimessenger studies.


Neutrinos, multi-messenger astrophysics, radio detectors.