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Program Goals and Learning Outcomes
  1. Students completing introductory Physics courses should show a mastery of foundational material, both in terms of concepts and problem-solving skills, especially in mechanics and electricity and magnetism (E&M), needed for continuing success in engineering and physical or life science disciplines.
  2. Students in major courses should demonstrate mastery of commonly agreed on knowledge base expected of all Physics professionals in three basic core areas, mechanics, electricity and magnetism, and quantum mechanics, and demonstrate problem solving ability in each of these areas, across all options.
  3. Students should show mastery of high-level mathematical methods and advanced problem solving ability. Students should be able to show mastery of a variety of experimental techniques, data analysis, and scientific writing and presentation skills.
  4. Students will have at least one ‘hands-on’ out-of-class experiential learning component, related to their choice of specialty in their chosen major/option.
  5. Students will have access to, and take advantage of, continual, consistent, and clear academic advising and career information at all stages of the undergraduate career, for both prospective and declared majors.
  6. Students will acquire the tools for success after graduation, leading to placement in graduate and/or professional programs, employment in industrial, lab positions, teaching careers, and other career paths.

In addition, students will achieve the Eberly College of Science's goals for students.