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Toward a safe and welcoming
environment for everyone

Anonymous feedback forms to the College of Science Climate Committee or the Physics Community, Climate and Diversity Committee

You can send anonymous feedbacks to the Physics Community, Climate and Diversity Committee.

You can also send your feedback directly to the associate dean of diversity and inclusivity or you can send it to both!  Click here to send your anonymous feedbacks to the Eberly College Climate Committee.


Suggestions about the departmental climate or any general inquiries can be send to the chair of the Community, Climate and Diversity committee.


A good climate requires a level of trust where everyone is safe and welcome and where people can report instances of wrongdoings. If something happens, small or big, know that our physics community wants to improve and we want you to speak up. We know this is not easy particularly if you are not in a position of authority. Feel free to talk with anyone in the department that you trust. It is the goal of this department to continuously improve the climate of our community such that

  • everyone feels comfortable in voicing their concerns
  • the majority of our community members are trained and able to help addressing the immediate needs: either by directing someone to the proper resources or simply by listening. 
  • there are follow-ups to see whether the situation improve. 

If you report something and the problem is not addressed/resolved or there are no follow-ups, this is a problem on its own and we need to know.  In particular, the community, climate and diversity committee is interested in assessing how well our reporting channels are working in the department. 

In case of serious offenses the university has multiple specific reporting channels that should be utilized.