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Professor Nicole Lazar Featured in AMSTATNEWS Podcast

2 August 2021

Statistics Professor Nicole Lazar was co-featured in the AMSTAT podcast, Practical Significance, on July 27, 2021.

Lazar is the program chair this year for the Joint Statistical Meetings (JSM), the largest statistics conference in the world.

With committee colleague Claire Bowen (Lead Data Scientist, URBAN Institute), Lazar shares her experiences of managing chair responsibilities while meeting the demands of her day job.

From the Practical Significance podcast: "Together, Nicole and Claire share what has surprised them serving as chair, how they stay organized, what they are most excited about, what one can take away from virtual meetings, and what inspires them as the program takes shape. Perhaps this episode will inspire you to say, “Yes,” when a call for volunteers goes out!"

You can listen to the podcast here on