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New Student Orientation

Orientation Advising

Advising in the Eberly College of Science begins at new student orientation. During a college meeting students will learn about the overall structure of the Eberly College of Science, our programs and majors, opportunities for academic enrichment, and strategies for academic success. Additionally students will learn about their math placement score, which will be used to schedule first-semester math and chemistry courses.

Following the college meeting, students will have the opportunity to work with an academic adviser to learn about their intended major including specific academic requirements. Students will receive curriculum guides, web resources, and (in some departments) advising handbooks. Students will also schedule their first-semester courses in consultation with a faculty or professional adviser.

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The Learning Edge Academic Program (LEAP) gives you the chance to begin your journey at Penn State University Park as part of a learning community: a group of first-year students who live and take classes together. As a LEAP student, you’ll take two courses with classmates who live together in your dormitory area, and you’ll have an upper-level student mentor to guide you through your first semester. This exciting and comprehensive experience is offered only during the summer and only to first-semester undergraduates admitted to University Park. (If you’re admitted to fall semester and would like to be a part of LEAP, you can change your admission to summer by contacting the Admissions Office.)

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Welcome Week

During Welcome Week, you’ll have the opportunity to check out the campus, get to know your adviser, and learn about activities around campus you can get involved in.

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