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Undergraduate Chemistry

Chemistry LEAP Program

Chemistry LEAP Program 2020

CHEM 297S: Cool CHEM in STEM!

Are you fascinated by color?  Or interested in how polymers are made and isolated?  If yes, then quench your curiosity for chemistry as you engage in cutting-edge research projects this summer.  This course will introduce you to chemical research at Penn State – from the design of a project to the collection and analysis of data.  It will commence your journey of implementing the scientific method as applied to relevant research areas that impact our world.  Additionally, you will see how advanced research topics rely on core concepts in chemistry – concepts that you will study soon in upcoming courses.  You will have an edge on “seeing” concepts come to life through this hands-on research experience.

This course will fulfill the first-year seminar requirement and is open to all Eberly College of Science students.  It will be offered in summer session II of 2020.

This course is open to students in the Division of Undergraduate Studies (DUS).

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