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Undergraduate Chemistry

Information about the Chemistry Minor

Learn about the Chemistry Minor

Enhance your bachelor's degree by adding a chemistry minor. Earning a minor enables you to gain specialized knowledge that complements your major, pursue a personal interest, or explore a different field of study. Learn what a chemistry minor can do for you and view the requirements below and on the University Undergraduate Bulletin!

Please note that departments award the minor; LionPath may not reflect all requirements necessary to obtain the minor. All questions concerning the minor should be directed to the chemistry undergraduate program (

Requirements for the Chemistry Minor

Course Credits
CHEM 110 (GN) - Chemical Principles I 3
CHEM 111 (GN) - Experimental Chemistry I 1
CHEM 112 (GN) - Chemical Principles II 3
CHEM 113 (GN) - Experimental Chemistry II 1
CHEM 210 - Organic Chemistry I 3
CHEM 212 - Organic Chemistry II 3
CHEM 213W - Laboratory in Organic Chemistry 2

A grade of C or better is required for all prescribed basic courses in the minor.

Course Credits
CHEM 227 – Analytical Chemistry 4

NOTE: One of the following 3 options may be substituted for CHEM 227:

Option 1. CHEM 221 – Quantitative Analysis OR

Option 2. CHEM 450 and CHEM 452 OR

Option 3. CHEM 452 and CHEM 466





A grade of C or better is required for all prescribed advanced courses in the minor.

Only courses NOT used above and not required by your major as Prescribed courses are allowed to be used as electives:

Course Credits
CHEM 402 – Chemistry in the Environment 3
CHEM 406 – Nuclear and Radiochemistry 3
CHEM 408 – Computational Chemistry 3
CHEM 412 – Transition Metal Chemistry 3
CHEM 423W – Chemical Spectroscopy 4
*CHEM 425W – Chromatography and Electrochemistry 4
CHEM 430 – Structural Analysis of Organic Compounds 3
CHEM 431W – Organic and Inorganic Preparations 4
CHEM 432 – Organic Reaction Mechanisms 3
CHEM 448 – Surface Chemistry 3
CHEM 450 – Physical Chemistry – Thermodynamics 3
CHEM 452 – Physical Chemistry – Quantum Chemistry 3
CHEM 457 – Experimental Physical Chemistry 2
CHEM 459W – Advanced Experimental Physical Chemistry 4
CHEM 464 – Chemical Kinetics and Dynamics 3
CHEM 466 – Physical Chemistry - Molecular Thermodynamics 3
CHEM 476 – Biological Chemistry 3
CHEM 497 – Special Topics (by permission) 3

A grade of C or better is required for all 400-level elective courses in the minor.

Courses from other majors cannot be substituted for these electives.

For students with sufficient background, Chemistry courses at the 500-level may also be used as electives with the instructor’s permission.

*For Forensic Science Majors, CHEM 425W, FRNSC 425, and FRNSC 427W cannot be used as Chemistry minor electives.