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Undergraduate Chemistry

Attend a Health Professional School with a Chemistry B.S.

Students Applying to Health Professional Schools

Students pursuing a chemistry major can be outstanding candidates for health professional schools!

Students applying to medical, pharmacy, dental, or physician assistant schools (or other health professions) should visit Prehealth Advising as soon as possible and request access to the Prehealth SharePoint website. Follow the steps outlined to schedule an appointment with a Prehealth Adviser (Short drop-in appointments are also available here). Chemistry majors will consult with their Chemistry Adviser to ensure they are completing degree requirements and with a Prehealth Adviser to ensure they are preparing themselves well for health professional school.

Prehealth Advising can help you with:

  • Taking the courses necessary for admissions and for entrance exams such as the MCAT and DAT (the PCAT is no longer offered or required for pharmacy schools).
  • Finding opportunities for experience in research, patient care, volunteering, and shadowing, all of which are necessary for a competitive application for health professional schools · Reflecting on how these experiences develop the Professional Competencies
  • Preparing a strong candidacy through application coaching
  • School selection and interview preparation
  • Navigating the application cycle
  • Finding financial resources for the application cycle, test preparation, and paying for health professional school

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