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Chemistry Climate And Diversity
Mission Statement
Chem Building

We strive to create a climate where everyone is comfortable to share their ideas, so they can grow both intellectually and personally. We recognize that diversity comes in different forms and we celebrate these differences as they strengthen our department. We work to embrace and increase diversity, equity, and inclusion in our student body, faculty and staff, because every member of our community is important. Likewise, we aim to increase access and broaden opportunities for diverse and underrepresented groups within our community. Our duties include assessing feedback, recognizing areas where we can do better, and making recommendations to our departmental and college administrative levels. We also seek to improve equity and inclusion in our department through outreach efforts: newsletter, climate minutes preceding seminars, get-togethers, and training activities.  We believe that an inclusive environment promoting diversity in its community members will lead to enhanced collaborations and excellence in teaching, learning, and research.