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Chemistry Climate And Diversity

Mission Statement

Diversity and inclusion drive innovation. Our goal is to create a climate where everyone can be their authentic self because we believe every member of our community is important. We seek to create a community that encompasses all forms of diversity of dimensions and intersections, including race, ethnicity and nationality, age, gender and gender identity, sexuality, class and religion. We believe that every student, faculty, and staff in our community is important and we aim to increase access and broaden opportunities for diverse and underrepresented groups within our department. 

The collective values of the Penn State chemistry department are:

  • Treating every member of our community with dignity and respect, without discrimination.
  • Valuing every person's opinions and contributions.
  • Providing every single member of our community opportunities to grow and thrive into successful individuals.
  • Listening, learning, assessing feedback to recognize areas where we can do better and make recommendations at a departmental and college administrative level.

Building a community that encompasses these collective values requires effort from all members of our community. Together we can create a safe, inclusive, and welcoming environment for all of our community members. We acknowledge that with diverse members come diverse goals and we are committed to providing excellent teaching, training, and mentorship at all levels so members of our community can be successful in the next stages of their careers and lives. 

Our department will advance the broader Pennsylvania State University mission, which includes educating faculty, staff, and students to be social justice advocates and providing curricula, programs, and environments that reflect and elevate cultural awareness. Furthermore, we seek to improve equity and inclusion in our department through outreach efforts. We believe that an inclusive environment promoting diversity in its community members will lead to enhanced collaborations and excellence in teaching, learning, and research.