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Climate and Diversity Committee

Department Climate & Diversity Committee

David Boehr - Faculty Member

David BoehrI am a biological chemist interested in the role of protein structural dynamics in enzyme catalysis and regulation, which would enable rational enzyme engineering. As part of the Climate and Diversity committee, I hope to increase access and broaden opportunities to diverse and underrepresented groups.

107 Chemistry Building


Santina Cruz - Graduate Student Member

Santina CruzI am a fourth year graduate student in Ben Lear’s lab. My research focuses on probing how surface chemistry changes the electronic structure of metal nanoparticles. Outside of my studies, I enjoy participating in community outreach, spending time with my family, watching football, couponing, and reading. As a member of the climate and diversity committee, I hope to make a more inclusive and supportive environment for graduate students at all stages of their educational journey!

113 Davey Lab



Miriam Freedman - Faculty Member

Miriam FreedmanI am an atmospheric chemist interested in ice nucleation and phase transitions of submicron aerosol particles.  I have been at Penn State since 2010.  I am interested in improving climate and increasing diversity in the chemistry department. Outside of work, I love spending time with my family, swimming, sewing, and knitting.

205 Chemistry Building



Emil HernandezEmil A. Hernandez-Pagan

I am an Eberly postdoctoral fellow in Ray Schaak’s group. My research focuses on the synthesis and characterization of metal phosphide based hybrid nanoparticles. As part of the Climate and Diversity committee, I seek to contribute to the ongoing efforts of making the department a more inclusive and diverse one. It's of particular interest to me to increase the participation of underrepresented minorities at all levels.

217 Chemistry Building



Lasse Jensen - Faculty Member

Lasse JensenI am a theoretical chemist working on electronic structure methods as applied to computational spectroscopy, especially molecules interacting with metal nanoparticles. As a member of the climate committee, I look forward to opportunities to improve the climate and diversity in the chemistry department.

401E Chemistry Building


Kyra Murrell - Graduate Student Member

Kyra MurrellI am a 4th year graduate student working in Frank Dorman’s lab. My research looks at developing analytical methods for the non-targeted analysis of emerging contaminants in environmental samples. I am passionate about science outreach and bettering the climate of the chemistry department. In my free time I like to read and go rock climbing.

103 Althouse Labs


RaghavRaghav Poudyal - Post Doc Member

104 Chemistry Building 




Jacob Sieg - Graduate Student Member

Jacob SiegI am a second year 2nd year graduate student working in Philip Bevilacqua’s lab. My research uses metabolomic methods to study ligands binding to riboswitch RNA and fluorescence spectroscopy to study RNA folding in biological conditions. I enjoy reading science books and home-brewing in my free time. As a member of the climate and diversity committee, I want to understand how university policy and climate affect what demographics are excluded or included in the Penn State community.



Connie Smith - Staff Member

Connie SmithI am a research staff assistant.  I take care of various tasks for faculty/students and postdocs.  I have been a member of the chemistry department since 1997.  Outside of work I have a very active daughter who plays soccer, basketball and softball and I love attending all her sports events.

308 Chemistry Building