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Department of Chemistry

Energy and Environmental Research

Research at the intersection of energy and the environment has been a long-standing interest within the chemistry department.  Topics addressed by our research groups in the area of energy cover capture, conversion, and use. We use state-of-the-art techniques to address these topics in biological, organic, and inorganic systems.  Environmental chemistry addresses questions of how chemicals in our environment impact climate and human health.

energy environment


John Asbury Professor of Chemistry
Solar energy conversion in solid state materials.

J. Martin Bollinger Professor of Chemistry and of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Enzyme catalysis via inorganic-mediated electron transfer.

Bert Chandler Professor of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry
Metal nanoparticle chemistry, enzymology, and catalysis

Miriam Freedman Professor of Chemistry
Aerosol production and impact on climate.

Lasse Jensen Professor of Chemistry
Energy flows in plasmonic materials.

Kenneth Knappenberger Professor of Chemistry
Coherent processes in photoexcited materials.

Carsten Krebs Professor of Chemistry and of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Catalysis by iron-containing enzymes.

Jonathan Kuo Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Physical Organic, Organometallic, Bioinorganic

Ben Lear Associate Professor of Chemistry
Photothermally driven chemical synthesis.

Mark Maroncelli Distinguished Professor of Chemistry
Charge transport and dynamics in battery electrolytes.

Raymond Schaak DuPont Professor of Materials Chemistry
Synthesis and applications of inorganic solids and nanomaterial

Ayusman Sen Verne M. Willaman Professor of Chemistry
Autonomous, chemically-driven transport and flow.

Alexey Silakov Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Enzymatic hydrogen production and oxidation.

Mary Beth Williams Professor of Chemistry
Homogenous electron transfer.

Lauren Zarzar Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Direct fabrication of complex materials.

Courtesy Faculty

John Golbeck Professor of Biochemistry and Biophysics
Electron transfer and artificial photosynthesis.

Robert Rioux Friedrich G. Helfferich Professor of Chemical Engineering
Heterogenous catalysis.

Mauricio Terrones Verne M. Willaman Professor of Physics
2D and carbon-based nanomaterials.

Adrianus van Duin Kenneth Kuan-Yun Kuo Early Career Professor
Dynamics of reactive materials.