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Department of Chemistry

Wellness Space


Mental health has been moving to the forefront of conversations in STEM, however, the resources and infrastructure around wellness are not universally accessible. With guidance from Penn State CAPS on best practices, the Department of Chemistry's Climate & Diversity Committee has dedicated this private space to address the barriers to access, including the difficulty of accessing services and socio-cultural attitudes toward mental health. 

The Chemistry Wellness Space (004 Benkovic Building) is a multipurpose room that can be used to support broad definitions of needs with health (tele-health appointments, nursing), wellbeing (meditation), spirituality, and overall flourishing. 

You MUST reserve the space to use it. Reservations can be made for 1 hour increments. You do not need to use the space for that entire hour, but we ask that you please do not go over your scheduled time.

**If small groups of 4 or less wish to use the space together, please have one individual schedule the space

reserve space


Wellness Space Guidelines:

The Chemistry Wellness Space is a shared space for all chemistry students, postdocs, faculty, and staff. We ask that it be used responsibly and respectfully. Please adhere to the following:  


Be Mindful 
  • Please knock on door before entering. Switch Wellness Room sign to "IN USE" when you are using the space. 
  • Maintain respectful noise levels. The room is not completely sound proof so blasting music, for example, may distract those in other neighboring rooms.  


Don't Overuse Space and Amenities 
  • Chemistry is a large department so we ask that you avoid overbooking the space so others may use it. Remember to practice etiquette rules and only use your allocated time.  


Clean Up After Yourself 
  • Make sure to properly dispose of trash and sanitize the areas you use. This includes wiping down tables and the yoga mat with a Clorox wipe if used. **Extra cleaning supplies are inside the desk cupboard. 
  • Do not leave any personal belongings behind. The department is not responsible for any lost or stolen personal items left behind in this space.  


Be Considerate Before Leaving the Space 
  • This is a shared space so we ask that you please respect all items in the room and return to their original place prior to leaving. No items or amenities in this space should be removed for any reason.   


Please TURN OFF all lights, lamps, noise machines, etc...and make sure Wellness Room sign outside of room is switched back to "AVAILABLE".


“Building Resilience for Mental Health and Wellbeing Across the Chemistry Community”


Chemistry Wellness Space
Chemistry Wellness Space