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Lauren Zarzar and Caleb Meredith

Caleb Meredith, CEO and co-founder of PSU startup Chromatir and Dr. Lauren Zarzar, co-founder



Example of Lauren Zarzar's and Caleb Meredith's research with color-shifting materials.

Project: Developed a method for producing new kinds of color-shifting materials based on a recently discovered optical effect that uses reflective structures at the microscale to generate iridescent structural color.

Funding/awards: Lab Bench to Commercialization, People’s Choice awards in 2019 Invent Penn State Venture & IP Conference Tech Tournament, Ben Franklin Technology Partners TechCelerator, Board of Advisors program through the Startup Leadership Network, National Science Foundation (NSF) Partnership for Innovation Grant,  NSF I-Corps national program.

Relevant publications:

Invent Penn State Intellectual Property navigator:

Current status: Fundraising, market research, prototype development


Resources for Industry/Corporate Collaboration

Lauren Zarzar and Caleb Meredith.

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Penn State-Affiliated Startup Chromatir Develops Color-Shifting Coatings

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It’s amazing what a drop of water can reveal to the trained eye.